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Ro Service sales & repair in noida

RO water purifier repair & service in Noida, Delhi-Nrcr@ 8527666816

Ro Service sales & repair in noida

Alkaline world offers complete RO repair & ro service for all brands RO water purifier at very lowest prices with the genuine parts, Best RO water purifier machine Ro Service sales & repair in Noida a, RO technician available in Noida, Gr. Noida, Ghaziabada, Delhi-NCR, water purifier repairing in Indirapuram, All Delhi-NCR, Noida, Gr. Noida,   RO water purifier servicing in Near Noida, RO repair in sector 62,63,50,60,58,57 Noida. We take completely  1 year AMC for all type of RO water purifier & UV purifier, Under this maintenance contract we take care of servicing, repair and replacement of ro spare parts if required.

Ro Service sales & repair in Noida Contact us for best and reliable maintenance and repair service for your RO water purifier service in Shalimar Garden, Kent RO water purifier repair & service in indirapuram, Aquaguard RO water purifier repair in Noida, UV water purifier service in Vasundhara. We service all leading brands Aquaguard, Eureka forbes, Livpure, Kent RO, Zero B, LG and imported RO water purifier.

Alkaline Next Oppo RO Water

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RO Water Purifiers || Alkaline Next Oppo RO Water

Products Specification

Brand Thunder Alkaline World
Model Name Next OPPO
Used For Residential
Purifying Technology RO+PF+UF+TDS+ALK
Type Electric
Installation Wall Mount
Total  Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels 100-150 mg/ltr
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Alkaline RO Water Purifier ro+alk+uv+uf+tds – Thunderwell Cisco+

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Alkaline RO Water Purifier ro+alk+uv+uf+tds - Thunderwell Cisco+

Product details

Brand Thunder Well
Model Name CISCO+
Used For Residential
Purifying Technology RO+AKL+UV+UF+PF+AS
Type Electric
Filtration Capacity 15 ltr/hr
Installation Wall MountTotal
Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels 100-150 mg/ltr

Same day Ro Service Sales & Repair in Noida

Ro Service sales & repair in Noida – RO + UV Repair & Service in Ghaziabad We repair and service of all make and models RO Water purifier service in Ghaziabad, RO Water Purifier service in Indirapuram. RO water purifier service in vasundhara, Aquaguard RO service in vaishali, RO repair service in indirapuram. RO water purifier service in Noida, RO water purifier service in sector 62 Noida, Kent RO water purifier service in indirapuram, Zero B water purifier repair service in indirapuram.

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List of Sectors with Villages or Village Abadi & Extension

Sectors                                                                                                                   Villages

Sector – 5                                                                                                              Harola

Sector – 11                                                                                                           Jhundpura

Sector – 15                                                                                                           NayaBans

Sector – 22                                                                                                          Chora Sadatpur

Sector – 27                                                                                                          Atta

Sector – 31                                                                                                          Nithari

Sector – 35                                                                                                         Morna

Sector – 41                                                                                                        Agahpur

Sector – 44                                                                                                        Chhalera

Sector – 45                                                                                                        Sadarpur

Sector – 46                                                                                                        Sarai Sadar

Sector – 49                                                                                                        Baraula

Sector – 51                                                                                                        Hoshiarpur

Sector – 53                                                                                                        Gijhaur

Sector – 56                                                                                                        Khora

Sector – 58                                                                                                        Bishanpura

Sector – 62                                                                                                        Rasulpur Nawada

Sector – 63                                                                                                        Chhajarsi

Sector – 66                                                                                                         Mamura

Sector – 68                                                                                                        Garhi Chaukhandi

Sector – 70                                                                                                         Basi

Sector – 72                                                                                                         Sharfabad

Sector – 80                                                                                                         Kakrola

Sector – 85                                                                                                          Yaqubpur

Sector – 86                                                                                                          Allhabans

Sector – 87                                                                                                          Sikandarpur

Sector – 93                                                                                                          Gejah Talattulabad

Sector – 102                                                                                                       Salarpur

Sector – 104                                                                                                       Hazipur

Sector – 110                                                                                                       Bhangel Begampur

Sector – 115                                                                                                       Soharkha

Sector – 122                                                                                                        Parthala Khanjarpur

Sector – 126                                                                                                        Raipur Khadar

Sector – 127                                                                                                        Bakhtawarpur

Sector – 128                                                                                                        Asagarpur jagir

Sector – 130                                                                                                        Bajidpur

Sector – 131                                                                                                        Shahpur Govardhanpur & Sultanpur

Sector – 132                                                                                                        Rohilapur

Sector – 133                                                                                                        Nagali Sakpur

Sector – 134                                                                                                       Harpal ki Nagali

Sector – 141                                                                                                       Shahdara

Sector – 145                                                                                                       Nalgadha

Sector – 149                                                                                                       Kondli

Sector – 150                                                                                                       Garhi samastpur

Sector – 151                                                                                                       Dalerpur & Kambakashpur

Sector – 154                                                                                                       Badauli

Sector – 159                                                                                                       Jhatta

Sector – 162                                                                                                       Gulavali

Sector – 163                                                                                                       Mohiyapur

Sector – 165                                                                                                       Dalupura

Sector – 167                                                                                                      Chhaprauli Bangar

Sector – 168                                                                                                      Dostpur Mangroli


Wellon 40 LPH Commercial Under Sink RO UF Alkaline Ro Water Purifier with Pressure Tank



Model Name
  • 40 LPH Commercial Under Sink RO UF Alkaline RO Water Purifier with Pressure Tank
Total Capacity
  • 10 L
Purifying Technology
  • RO + UF
In The Box
  • 1 40 LPH Commercial Under Sink RO UF Alkaline RO Water Purifier, 1 Pressure Tank, 1 Faucet

In stock


Wellon 40 LPH Commercial Under Sink RO –

Whole 7 stage purification gadget
It mechanically shuts off the pump and forestalls water go with the flow when the garage tank is complete & self-cleansing machine
Ro+uv with tds controller water cleanser.Bnqs 300gpd pump and 300 gpd membarne run upto 2000 tds water stage
An ample garage potential of 12-14 litres guarantees that your own family continually has sufficient and extra to drink.
When you have any question for our product please tell right now when you obtained product after 10 days of received product, we aren’t accountable for any missing or harm parts.

wellon undersink ro with pressure tank

  • Electrical & Storage : Electric purification – suitable for areas with water shortage
  • 10 L : More the capacity, more the users can be served with drinking water
  • RO + UF : Uses many filters to remove salts & microbes in multiple stages


Wellon 40 LPH Commercial Under Sink RO – Double purification by RO and UF with TDS controller, Spin-welded RO membrane housing to prevent tampering,Equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells,overhead storage tanks,water tankers and municipal taps.

Storage Tank Capacity: 10 LITERS Hydro static tank Pump: BNQS 300 GPD, RO Membrane: 300GPD, UV Lamp Power: 11watt Input Voltage: 160-300V AC(50HZ).Complete 7 Stage Purification System.It automatically shuts off the pump and stops water flow when the storage tank is full & Self-Cleaning System+UV with TDS Controller water purifier 300 GPD Pump and 300 GPD membarne run upto 2000 TDS Water level.

An ample storage capacity of 12-14 liters ensures that your family always has enough and more to drink.If you have any query for our product please inform immediately when you received product after 10 days of received product, We are not responsible for any missing or damage parts.

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