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Kent Pearl Water Purifier

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Product Details

Brand Thunder Kent
Model Name Pearl
Used For Residential
Purifying Technology RO+UV+UF+TDS
Type Electric
Filtration Capacity 20 ltr/hr
Installation Wall Mount / Table Top


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Technical Parameters and Specifications

1 Input power AC86-265V, 50-60Hz
2 Electrolyzing power range 0-200W
3 Standby power About 1W
4 Inflow Pressure 0.1-0.3MPa
5 Inflow TDS 80-1500mg/L
6 Start-up flow rate 0.8L/min
7 Ideal flow rate 2~3L/min
 8 Continual electrolyzing time About 60 minutes
9 Capacity of built-in filter About 6000L
10 Function choice Alkaline water: 4 phases. purified water:1phase. Acidic water: 2 phases
11 Electrolysis material Titanium base and platinum coating
12 Size of electrode plate 79mm 43mm
13 Quantity of electrode plates 7 plates
14 pH range 4.5-10
15 ORP range 600-500
16 Highest temperature of inflow 45 C
17 Net weight 1.5kg
18 Size Height330mm width245mm thickness 130mm  

Water Ionizer Machine | Neco Tech 11 Plates AL-808A White

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Products Details

Brand Thunder Neco-Tech
Model Name A-L808A White Machine
Used For Residential
Type Electric
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) Levels 80~800mg/ltr
Installation Wall Mount / Table Top
Water Flow Rate 2~3/ltr
Color White